Guide to Building Momentum

This is going to be a quick in and out job y’all. How many times do you start something (i.e. diet, workout, project, etc…) and you start to build momentum. You get going, you start to feel GOOD. So good that you go “oh yes, I deserve a reward”. You take time off. Eat junk.Continue reading “Guide to Building Momentum”

Ep. 5 – *Bonus* Seltzer Lab

It smells like a decomposing grapefruit. Dani – Episode 5 On today’s edition of how many seltzers can Shannon and Dani drink before they get sloppy…. with special guests, Ally Page, Yana Bowers, and Jake Schuman. We took one for the team and tried EVERY SINGLE SELTZER I could find in Cecil County, Maryland. Yes,Continue reading “Ep. 5 – *Bonus* Seltzer Lab”

Who the heck is Dani Brown?!

Helllllooooooooo my babes! Dani here. Just a quick little introduction post about me and what you can expect from us here at The Messy Imperfection. I turn 29 in less than a month, and I’m less than thrilled about being that close to 30. My brain is telling me we’re still 21 and wild, butContinue reading “Who the heck is Dani Brown?!”