Where to eat in a day in Key West

If you have been following along, we just returned from Key West this week. Needless to say, this trip filled our cups in ways we didn’t even know was possible. One of the things we LOVE about Key West is the food. Hands down the best. I dream of this food all year long. (IContinue reading “Where to eat in a day in Key West”

Hawaiian Mimosa

Okay so I know we are late to the party on this one. But HAVE YOU TRIED this Tik Tok Recipe that went viral?!?!? It’s literally THE best and the only thing I want to sip on. Ingredients: 4oz Prosecco or chilled champagne 1.5oz coconut rum 2oz pineapple juice 0.5oz grenadine Instructions: Add prosecco, rum,Continue reading “Hawaiian Mimosa”

Airport Essentials

Hello Beautiful Humans! As we speak, we are in KEY WEST! Since we travel quite frequently, I figured I’d share our airport essentials with you all! Pack your things in an easy to carry bag- I use my backpack because I like to be hands-free and hassle-free as I move through security and to myContinue reading “Airport Essentials”

Give yourself some dang grace

Dani and I were talking about this week and I feel like its a conversation we all need to hear/have. This past week has been H-A-R-D for both of us. It’s been a season of transition for us. As I am sure you all know, whenever you are going through a transitional season, it getsContinue reading “Give yourself some dang grace”

Quick tips that will change your life

Small changes over time, consistently, = massive result. We know this. We’ve heard this. But what does that look like? The following FIVE things, I have implemented since January 2021 and I can tell you it has revolutionized my life. So pick 1 or 2 and start cracking away. I PROMISE you, you will NOTContinue reading “Quick tips that will change your life”

What happens when you work on yourself.

I remember growing up how I bounced between friends constantly. No one had my back. I couldn’t trust anyone. It was horrific. I would have “friends” that I would find talking behind my back or making fun of me. None of them were true. I’m not really sure if that came first or if meContinue reading “What happens when you work on yourself.”