So you decided enough is enough…

Listen, we’ve both been there. We hit rock bottom. We knew we wanted more for our lives. We knew from the depth of our souls that we desired a life worth living.

But how does one go from the bottom to the most amazing life?

With a mother fricken PLAN!

I’m not kidding y’all. I know it’s hard. I know when you’re in the darkest place, it’s hard to imagine what your life could be. It’s hard to imagine that it will get better.

I also know that when you’re fed up with your life, you’re willing to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to create a life that makes you want to yeet yourself out of bed in the morning.

Step 1- Get a therapist. Get help. No if’s and’s or but’s. I can say FOR CERTAIN, that if I didn’t make that step to go to therapy and to get help, I wouldn’t be sitting here typing this up for you. Having a therapist single-handedly changed my life. If you’re having trouble getting one of finding one, I HIGHLY recommend BetterHelp.

Step 2- Decide who you want to become. Grab a pencil and paper and start writing. Who is the person you’ve always dreamed of being? What is she like? What characteristics and values does she have? What does she like to wear? What’s her job? Who is next to her? Who does her tribe consist of? What car does she drive? House she lives in? Vacations she goes on? Write is all down. Your perfect life.

Step 3- Create a plan to get you there. What books do you need to read? Podcasts you need to hear? What mentors should you seek? Job to quit? Business to start?

Ready is a lie. You will never be “ready” to start this journey. And you certainly will not create the life you’ve always dreamed of by waiting for the “perfect moment” to start. You’ll be wasting your whole life if you do. And you only have one. Choose wisely.

Shannon Who?


This is your girl here, Shannon. Welcome welcome welcome. I am (almost) 28 years old (we aren’t talking about it) and I live in North East Baltimore County. I have two awesome human roommates and one canine roommate named Fisher.

I graduated Loyola University where I studied Political Science and Biology. I was a Division I Rower and have always had a passion for Health and Wellness. As a Beachbody Coach, I have always struggled with body positivity and wanting to lose weight for health reasons. This is something Dani and I both feel is missing in this realm and hope to bridge the gap on. But thats a story for another time 🙂

I fumbled around for a few years on what I wanted to do and who I wanted to become. After learning what personal development was and really taking it seriously, I realized I wanted to become a Paramedic and guide others in becoming the best versions of themselves. When I get to the end of my life, I want to be as close to the person I was designed to be as possible, which is why personal development is so important to me.

Which brings us to today. I strive to live a balanced lifestyle between health, wellness, and fun. I firmly believe in the “Work Hard, Play Hard” mentality. After meeting Dani on the curb outside Starbucks that one hot spring day, we realized our passions were extremely similar in addition to being TOTALLY separated at birth. (Our mom’s have not yet confirmed this).

Dani and I are ying and yang. I am very much a “let’s do it and clean the mess up later” and Dani is a “let’s make sure we have everything calculated and planned”. This sounds like it would be a total disaster but it’s quite the opposite. Our friendship is nothing short of magical. We allow each other the space to express our thoughts, feelings, and concerns without judgment or anger. The path to our amazing communication was not easy, yet the best thing that could have happened.

We created this community to be the role models we wish we had. Too often as women are we put in a cage and told to shush. Society loves a tame woman. We are not tame. We believe in our heart of hearts that we are meant to soar. That we are meant for more. Through this growing community, we aim to bring tangible take aways for others to do the same while also keeping it raw, real, and unfiltered.

This is going to be a fun ride y’all, so buckle in, and let’s go.



Who the heck is Dani Brown?!

Helllllooooooooo my babes! Dani here. Just a quick little introduction post about me and what you can expect from us here at The Messy Imperfection.

I turn 29 in less than a month, and I’m less than thrilled about being that close to 30. My brain is telling me we’re still 21 and wild, but my body is like yooooo girl we can’t move that fast. I live in North East, Maryland with 2 cats, Coconut & Chestnut, and their German Shepherd princess sister, Gia. I am a Paramedic working crazy shifts, with an even crazier to-do list. I aspire to live a very holistic lifestyle, minimizing toxins as much as possible. I enjoy being a potato and binging on Netflix, but thankfully I do love that post-workout high too! Home Goods, check lists, potatoes, & the beach are some of my favorite things.

Shannon and I are BEST friends who met right at the very beginning of Covid 2020. We met through work, stalked each other on social media for a few months, and one day decided to have a Starbucks date. That Starbs date took place sitting on a curb in their parking lot thanks to Covid. But as we sat on that curb, we quickly learned that we had basically been separated at birth. We are so similar, yet so different. We bring out the best in each other and call each other out on our bullshit. We are inseparable and have the biggest goals and dreams and are thankfully in a very similar season of life.

Shannon completely ignited my interest in personal development. I work with Young Living Essential Oils and they’re huge on personal development, but I honestly never got super into it and read in spurts. But thanks to her, it’s now a part of my daily life and something I am SO passionate about. We have grown exponentially in the last year, both individually and in our friendship.

We have HUGE dreams. We want to empower women to live outside the box that society has put us in. We want to press unmute, and help women strive for more. We want to bring our life experiences, things we struggle with, and the things people are uncomfortable talking about to front stage. We strive to build a community of like-minded women that love themselves for who they are and know that they are made for so much more. The Messy Imperfection Podcast is just the tip of the iceberg. We want to transition our time in EMS to a part-time hobby and dedicate the rest of our lives to YOU. We hope to grow into an entire brand of resources for women – networking, retreats, seminars, books, literally anything and everything. We want to be the resource that we wish we’ve had all along, for women just like us. But don’t get it twisted, we still love to have a good time! You’re our squad – we’ll keep you laughing and on your toes. We want to give that crazy busy woman with 800 things on her to-do list tangible takeaways that are easily applicable in real life to help change her mindset, and eventually her life – regardless of if those goals are to start her own business or simply be a better human.

This podcast sat in the back of our minds for over a year. We wanted to start so badly, but each of us had our own set of fears and insecurities holding us back. Until one day Shannon came to me and insisted we just freakin’ do it. We’ll never be ready, it’ll never be perfect, and you know what? She was right. We’re 100% still learning, we’re not professionals, we’re flyin’ by the seat of our pants but we’re out here doing it and it’s amazing.

You’ll find us real, raw, and unfiltered. Oh, and messy! We release new episodes every Monday, with show notes posted right here. Shannon regularly releases a blog post weekly as well! As for me, who knows where this blog will take me, but I hope you’ll follow along as the newest squad bestie ❤ Let’s connect on Insta too! @danigiovanna_

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