So you decided enough is enough…

Listen, we’ve both been there. We hit rock bottom. We knew we wanted more for our lives. We knew from the depth of our souls that we desired a life worth living. But how does one go from the bottom to the most amazing life? With a mother fricken PLAN! I’m not kidding y’all. IContinue reading “So you decided enough is enough…”

Who the heck is Dani Brown?!

Helllllooooooooo my babes! Dani here. Just a quick little introduction post about me and what you can expect from us here at The Messy Imperfection. I turn 29 in less than a month, and I’m less than thrilled about being that close to 30. My brain is telling me we’re still 21 and wild, butContinue reading “Who the heck is Dani Brown?!”