Hawaiian Mimosa

Okay so I know we are late to the party on this one. But HAVE YOU TRIED this Tik Tok Recipe that went viral?!?!? It’s literally THE best and the only thing I want to sip on. Ingredients: 4oz Prosecco or chilled champagne 1.5oz coconut rum 2oz pineapple juice 0.5oz grenadine Instructions: Add prosecco, rum,Continue reading “Hawaiian Mimosa”

Airport Essentials

Hello Beautiful Humans! As we speak, we are in KEY WEST! Since we travel quite frequently, I figured I’d share our airport essentials with you all! Pack your things in an easy to carry bag- I use my backpack because I like to be hands-free and hassle-free as I move through security and to myContinue reading “Airport Essentials”

I’ve got purchase regret

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-3nexh-109cc75 Y’all- listen in to hear Dani’s HUGE news! It’s the biggest news we’ve had on TMI to date. We also threw some ~interesting~ topics in about men and their requests to us.    Thank you so much for listening! Find us @themessyimperfection on Facebook & Instagram. Message us your questions there or at themessyimperfection@gmail.comContinue reading “I’ve got purchase regret”

Dating fumbles

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-zkq3t-109a525 On this weeks episode, we catch up on Shannon’s life and her newest adventures with online dating.  We highly recommend an adult beverage and listening to this one with your best friend as there is a lot of girl talk here 🙂   Thank you so much for listening!   Find us @themessyimperfection onContinue reading “Dating fumbles”

Ep. 3 – Hard and Thicc Incest

What the f**k is an upper rectum? Dani – Episode 3 This week we covered: PNC vs. APGFCU Shitty customer service Squatty potty vs. bidets Amazon Shannon’s latest date Swingers & circle jerks Gullah Gullah Island Drunk Word Association Teachable Moments Change your mindset to change your perception of other people and your conversations withContinue reading “Ep. 3 – Hard and Thicc Incest”

Ep. 2 – Ask TMI: Dating in a Self-Empowerment Culture

I’ve got leaky ears Shannon – Episode 2 On this episode we received our first Ask TMI question! Lee asked “In the age where women self-empowerment and non-reliance on men is a thing, what do women even want/look for in a guy anymore??” Having input from a single woman versus a woman in a long-termContinue reading “Ep. 2 – Ask TMI: Dating in a Self-Empowerment Culture”

Ep. 1 – Never Miss a Pair of Jorts

Why would you add yourself to that list of people you can’t count on? Dani – Episode 1 We’re new here and have basically no idea what we’re doing but we’re learning and we are SO pumped! Dani is 29 years old, living in North East, Maryland with her 3 fur children. She’s a ParamedicContinue reading “Ep. 1 – Never Miss a Pair of Jorts”