It was a drunk night Join us this week as we discuss gymnastic twisties, reality TV shows, our recap on Key West, AND an update on Shannon’s dating life. Buckle in y’all, It’s going to be a wild ride!   Thank you so much for listening! Find us @themessyimperfection on Facebook & Instagram. Message us your questions there orContinue reading “It was a drunk night”

Guide to personal development

If you’ve been here for a while, you know we are BIG fans of the personal development world. It has literally changed our lives. That being said, we know how scary and weird it can be to get started. There are so many places to start and no real guide to figure it out. SoContinue reading “Guide to personal development”

Ep. 17 – Yoga, self-care, and holistic health with Yoga on the Canal

I can. I will. Watch me. Carole Martin This week we had the pleasure of interviewing Carole Martin, founder and owner of Yoga on the Canal in Chesapeake City, Maryland. Carole has the warmest heart and best energy we’ve ever encountered. Kid you not. She has overcome huge adversity and is living proof that regardlessContinue reading “Ep. 17 – Yoga, self-care, and holistic health with Yoga on the Canal”

Guide to Building Momentum

This is going to be a quick in and out job y’all. How many times do you start something (i.e. diet, workout, project, etc…) and you start to build momentum. You get going, you start to feel GOOD. So good that you go “oh yes, I deserve a reward”. You take time off. Eat junk.Continue reading “Guide to Building Momentum”

Ep. 5 – *Bonus* Seltzer Lab

It smells like a decomposing grapefruit. Dani – Episode 5 On today’s edition of how many seltzers can Shannon and Dani drink before they get sloppy…. with special guests, Ally Page, Yana Bowers, and Jake Schuman. We took one for the team and tried EVERY SINGLE SELTZER I could find in Cecil County, Maryland. Yes,Continue reading “Ep. 5 – *Bonus* Seltzer Lab”

Big Brain Energy Listen in to this week’s episode to hear an actual brain dump. We discuss waxing, competition vs comparison, narcissism, and more! It’s a goodie you do NOT want to miss!!   Thank you so much for listening!   Find us @themessyimperfection on Facebook & Instagram.   Message us your questions there or at themessyimperfection@gmail.comContinue reading “Big Brain Energy”

Where to eat in a day in Key West

If you have been following along, we just returned from Key West this week. Needless to say, this trip filled our cups in ways we didn’t even know was possible. One of the things we LOVE about Key West is the food. Hands down the best. I dream of this food all year long. (IContinue reading “Where to eat in a day in Key West”

We did not land that Happy Monday Y’all! This week’s episode is from the archives. We totally forgot we recorded this one, but let me tell you- YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS!  Listen in to hear our takes on a few topics, must watch shows, and as always a life lesson.   Thank you so much forContinue reading “We did not land that”