In the Zone

I’m reading the book “Relentless” by Tim Grover, he states that the people that are the most relentless, unstoppable, the “cleaners” as he calls them, have a way to tap into their dark side. A way to get into “the Zone”.

He describes “The Zone” as “once you’re there, you have no fear, no worry, no emotion. You do what you come to do, and nothing can touch you”.

Does this sound like a space you’ve been in before? I know when I was rowing in college, I was able to get there. But while I was reading this, I was having a hard time thinking about it. Then I remembered.

Listening to “’till I collapse” gets me there. It unleashes my dark side and I do the things most people cannot. I get into the zone.

If you want to be a winner, you want to be unstoppable. Relentless. A cleaner. You have to figure out what gets you to that space. It could be a phrase, a song, a memory, anything. Find it and finish it.

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