My Ah-Ha

I’m reading this book called “The Motivation Manifesto” and it is actively changing the way I think and the way I am choosing to live my life.

I’ve realized reading this that I’ve peeled back a layer of vulnerability. I realized that one of biggest weaknesses is allowing my fear to rule my emotions. I speak on fear a lot, and there are a lot of things I’m scared to do, but I do them anyway.

What I have not realized is that even though I’m still fearful of these things and I keep doing them, that this fear is causing negative emotions in me still.

So this past week, as these fears and anxieties come up, I’ve been journaling about them. Writing about all the emotions I’ve had around it, memories that come up, situations I come up with, all of it.

And I’ve realized that once you face that fear, and you figure out where it’s coming from. You walk yourself through those emotions. That fear no longer controls you or your anxieties or the way you live your life.

So I challenge you this week to take something your afraid of and write everything about that your brain offers you. When you are done, sit back, take a deep breathe, and breathe out all those emotions . See how different you feel.

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