Zero Options Mentality

Have you’ve ever decided to do something and say “I’m going to give this a try but if it doesn’t work out, it’s fine”? But the thing you’re saying this about is actually something you really want?

It’s weird how we do that, isn’t it?

By saying this, we are already going into it thinking we are going to fail. Giving yourself the permission to fail.

What if. WHAT IF, you enter something with a zero options mentality? What if you go into it thinking and failing is NOT AN OPTION?

How different would your life look like? What things would you have done, completed, succeeded in, if you went in knowing that no matter what it took, you were finishing it?

Curious, isn’t it?

If there is something you want so bad it set a fire in your soul, go after it with a zero options mentality. You have NO OTHER OPTION besides seeing this thing through.

That’s how champions are made. That’s how winners keep winning.

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