WAKE UP: It’s September

We all know what Green Day says, “Wake me up when September ends”… It’s been on all of our playlists for YEARS.

HOWEVER, I know you all slept through the summer. So it’s time to WAKE THE F**K UP!

I’m not kidding you all. Get off your asses and get to fricken WORK!!!! We have been pressing the SNOOZE BUTTON for TOO FRICKEN LONG. Blame the pandemic, society, politics, whatever you want, I don’t give a flying rats.

It’s time to get to work. Pick up a nonfiction book, a journal, and some weights. Cut out the sugar, cut out the alcohol, and focus.

Do it like your life depends on it. Because guess what? IT DOES.

Do you want to die a the age of 50 alone and sick because you were too stubborn to work on you physical and mental health?

Didn’t think so.

Come to the light and lets’ do the damn thing.

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