Guide to personal development

If you’ve been here for a while, you know we are BIG fans of the personal development world. It has literally changed our lives.

That being said, we know how scary and weird it can be to get started. There are so many places to start and no real guide to figure it out. So here’s a few things that we have found helps:

  1. Find the biggest sore point in your life and determine what skill you need to fix it.
  2. From there, search books that help with those qualities. For example, I was not a great communicator, leader, or knew anything about integrity. I chose “Extreme Ownership” as a book.
  3. Repeat.

It’s literally that easy. Chose a skill you want to work on, ask people or research best books, buy said book, and get to work.

The work itself is not easy, but choosing a book is.

Also always remember, this is hard work. You will be called out. Your palms will sweat. You will get uncomfortable. But that is where the magic happens.

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