Ep. 5 – *Bonus* Seltzer Lab

It smells like a decomposing grapefruit.

Dani – Episode 5

On today’s edition of how many seltzers can Shannon and Dani drink before they get sloppy…. with special guests, Ally Page, Yana Bowers, and Jake Schuman.

We took one for the team and tried EVERY SINGLE SELTZER I could find in Cecil County, Maryland. Yes, this was very expensive, and I have SO MANY left over. You’re welcome.

18 seltzers later, we finally crowned a winner. But you’ll have to listen to find out who came out on top!

Important Time Stamps:

34:00ish: Winner announced

37:00ish: Official Ratings of all Seltzers

41:15: Top 3 seltzers announced 

Seltzers in the running:

Jack Daniel’s Whiskey & Seltzer

Truly Extra Black Raspberry

Barefoot Hard Seltzer Pineapple

Wild Basin Yumberry

Sauza Agua Fuerte Mango

Natural Light Seltzer Aloha Beaches

Funky Buddha Mango Guava

High Noon Vodka & Soda Pineapple

Corona Seltzer Mango

White Claw Mango

Truly Lemonade Mango

Michelob Ultra Organic Seltzer Mango Apricot

Bang Mixx Frose Rose

Bon Viv Mango

Budlight Seltzer Lemonade

Smirnoff Red, White and Berry Seltzer

Truly Pineapple

Truly Tropical Punch

We also rated our own personal creation “the graveyard”.

We even went LIVE!

Other highlights:

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