Where to eat in a day in Key West

If you have been following along, we just returned from Key West this week. Needless to say, this trip filled our cups in ways we didn’t even know was possible. One of the things we LOVE about Key West is the food. Hands down the best. I dream of this food all year long. (I am not even kidding a little bit).

We know a lot of people only go down there for a few days at a time or it’s a stop on the cruise, so here is a day in the life of food for key west.

You’re going to want to start your day at Cuban Coffee Queen. There are several locations in KW. We recommend the iced coffee and key wester!! And also, its strong coffee, so be near a bathroom about 20min after, if you catch my drift…

When you get hungry for lunch after all your shenanigans, head on over to Caroline’s on Duvall St. They have DELICIOUS Dolphin Fingers and their adult beverages are TO DIE FOR.

In the evening, when you’re ready to part-ayyyy, go to Irish Kevin’s! The entertainment, food, and drinks are FABULOUS. When you are done there, go to Sloppy Joe’s- the live music is AMAZING!

Anyhoo!! If you have any other must-do’s comment below to share with the tribe!!

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