I came up with this name, just now. Seems fitting though.. right?! 🙂

When I was evaluating how I wanted my Phase 2 of #LiveHard to go, I looked at the habits I have put into place as well as habits I desire.

One thing I have been doing consistently is gratitude. Everyday I write down 5 pieces of gratitude. Not big pieces, yet rather small things that occurred either the day before or that day that made me smile. It for sure elevates my mood on good days and make bad days seem less terrible. There is something magical to it, I am telling ya.

There is a TON of research on why daily gratitude is so beneficial. But I am not a scientist, obviously. So check out this article from Forbes. It goes more into it and will probably convince you more than I have to start incorporating it into your daily life.

Anyhoo, I don’t have any crushing things to say about this, so you really just need to do it. Kay? Thanks.



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