Airport Essentials

Hello Beautiful Humans! As we speak, we are in KEY WEST! Since we travel quite frequently, I figured I’d share our airport essentials with you all!

  1. Pack your things in an easy to carry bag- I use my backpack because I like to be hands-free and hassle-free as I move through security and to my terminal
  2. Chargers- phone, watch, laptop
  3. Reading Material- easy to entertain yourself without draining all of your electronics
  4. Battery Pack- because we know reading won’t last long and you’ll drain your phone’s battery 🙂
  5. Ear phones- drain out chatter and those kiddies
  6. Reusable water bottle- ain’t no one got time to spend $5 on a water
  7. Laptop- download a movie ahead of time!
  8. Small wallet
  9. Snacks- again, airport prices are INSANE
  10. Sunglasses
  11. Light sweatshirt or sweater- they LOVE to keep it at Arctic temps
  12. Toiletries- chapstick, hand sanitizer, Advil, tissues, gum, lotion

Please don’t be that person who has to throw out a bunch of things at security because of regulation, so check to make sure your things are good 🙂

And if you forgot what happens because you haven’t traveled since COVID: wear slip on shoes, limit your jewelry wearing, take your belt off, remove all electronics, and nothing in your pockets.

P.S. Highly recommend bringing back-up masks, ESPECIALLY on longer flights. You can thank us later 🙂

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