Ep. 1 – Never Miss a Pair of Jorts

Why would you add yourself to that list of people you can’t count on?

Dani – Episode 1

We’re new here and have basically no idea what we’re doing but we’re learning and we are SO pumped!

Dani is 29 years old, living in North East, Maryland with her 3 fur children. She’s a Paramedic who is slowly but surely finding herself. An overflowing to-do list and 24/7 guilt for not accomplishing enough is the normal around here. Dani loves living a holistic lifestyle and is very passionate about reducing toxic load, bettering herself every day and traveling. Dani is the researcher, the methodical, perfectionist. Read more about Dani here and find her on Instagram.

Shannon is 28 years old, living in Perry Hall, Maryland with her roommate and is currently looking for the perfect furry addition to her life. Shannon is single and ready to mingle! Looking for the perfect adventure partner (for when Dani is busy haha). Shannon is also a Paramedic, and aspires to be and do so much more. Shannon loves fitness and is extremely passionate about being as healthy as possible. Shannon is the spontaneous free spirit and is a strong believer of “done is better than perfect”. Read more about Shannon here and find her on Instagram.

This podcast and community was created to be the role models we wish we had. Too often we as women are put in a cage and told to shush. Society loves a tame woman. We are not tame. We believe in our heart of hearts that we are meant to soar. That we are meant for more. Through this growing community, we aim to bring tangible takeaways for others to do the same while also keeping it raw, real, and unfiltered.

Find us on your favorite streaming service here and the links to all our socials here too! We’re always looking for feedback, as well as accepting questions/people looking for advice! E-mail themessyimperfection@gmail.com

In this episode we talked about

Teachable Moments

  • Never miss Mondays
  • Show up for yourself
  • If you can’t keep a promise to yourself, who can you keep a promise to?

New episodes every Monday!

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