What are you avoiding?

Think about it for a second.

What is it that you’re avoiding? Is it a project? A workout? A person? Quitting a job? Starting a new job? Passion project? Nutrition program? Laundry? Dishes?

Time and time again I find myself procrastinating on the things I need to do.

That laundry? Yep still sitting in the corner unfolded.

This weekend, I found myself DREADING to work out. Literally would have traded my soul to not go for a run. But I promised myself all weekend that I would go for a run when I got off work.

So I downed the pre-workout, tied my shoes, turned on some jams, and off I went.

And when I finished… I felt so damn good.

When that laundry gets folded, I know I will feel the same way.

If we feel this good when we finish a task, why do we avoid it? I literally have no idea. Zero answers for you on that front.

What I can tell you is this: it helps if you schedule the task in.

All these projects I want to avoid, I put it in my calendar on when I will do it. I always say “If it’s not on my schedule, it doesn’t exist”

Take ALL those things you’re avoiding and put it on your calendar. Even if it’s a big task or complex, put small tasks on there. Start chipping away. Cause when you are finished… you will feel SO DAMN GOOD.

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