So you decided enough is enough…

Listen, we’ve both been there. We hit rock bottom. We knew we wanted more for our lives. We knew from the depth of our souls that we desired a life worth living.

But how does one go from the bottom to the most amazing life?

With a mother fricken PLAN!

I’m not kidding y’all. I know it’s hard. I know when you’re in the darkest place, it’s hard to imagine what your life could be. It’s hard to imagine that it will get better.

I also know that when you’re fed up with your life, you’re willing to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to create a life that makes you want to yeet yourself out of bed in the morning.

Step 1- Get a therapist. Get help. No if’s and’s or but’s. I can say FOR CERTAIN, that if I didn’t make that step to go to therapy and to get help, I wouldn’t be sitting here typing this up for you. Having a therapist single-handedly changed my life. If you’re having trouble getting one of finding one, I HIGHLY recommend BetterHelp.

Step 2- Decide who you want to become. Grab a pencil and paper and start writing. Who is the person you’ve always dreamed of being? What is she like? What characteristics and values does she have? What does she like to wear? What’s her job? Who is next to her? Who does her tribe consist of? What car does she drive? House she lives in? Vacations she goes on? Write is all down. Your perfect life.

Step 3- Create a plan to get you there. What books do you need to read? Podcasts you need to hear? What mentors should you seek? Job to quit? Business to start?

Ready is a lie. You will never be “ready” to start this journey. And you certainly will not create the life you’ve always dreamed of by waiting for the “perfect moment” to start. You’ll be wasting your whole life if you do. And you only have one. Choose wisely.

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